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Protesting Citizenship What does it mean to state No One is Illegal This rallying call is what unifies migrant protests against exclusionary border regimes around the world, bringing migrants, citizens, legal and illegal people onto the streets in ever greater numbers Indeed, the last decade has witnessed an explosion of immigrant protests, political mobilizations by irregular migrants and pro migrant activists This edited collection aims to contribute to the growing body of scholarship on migrant resistance movements and to consider the implications of these struggles for critical understandings of citizenship and borders It offers a rich series of theoretical and political interventions which together explore the tensions between integrationist and autonomous approaches, and between migrant and activist strategies of invisibility and visibility By bringing immigrant protests to the heart of debates about citizenship, it also extends discussions about the limits and the possibilities of citizenship as the material and conceptual horizon of critical social analysis, political participation and democracy today.This book was published as a special issue of Citizenship Studies. Best Download Protesting Citizenship [ By ] Imogen Tyler [ Kindle ePUB or eBook ] –

Read Protesting Citizenship–
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  • Protesting Citizenship
  • Imogen Tyler
  • 08 June 2018
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