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Saviour The Saviour Trilogy Three supernatural mysteries introducing Nick Travis, a forensic artist with a secretNick Travis, an American forensic artist now living in the east of England with his British wife, quits his career in an attempt to put his past behind him except Nick still has a personal mystery to solve and the dead won t let him off the hook.RevelationThe final part of the Saviour Trilogy Approx 18,000 words Nick Travis wants to rebuild his life, but retreating to the solitude of a Suffolk forest provesunnerving than he could ever have imagined His past follows him there, despite being put to rest, and those closest to Nick fall victim to the consequences of his childhood mistake.Also availableSaviour Part 1 HauntedSaviour Part 2 Buried New Download [ Saviour ] by [ Beth Kelan ] For Kindle ePUB or eBook –