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The Five-Second Rule and Other Myths About Germs They re everywhereIn water, food, air, and soil On the kitchen counter and in the bathroom On our skin, in our intestines, and even swimming in our mouths They affect us every second of our lives, but most microbes are terribly misunderstood The Five Second Rule and Other Myths about Germs does away with the notion that you need a doctorate to understand the microscopic world Dr Anne Maczulak addresses all the questions we have about microbes in a fun and informative way Loaded with myth busting sidebars, health and sanitation tips, and illustrations of our invisible friends and enemies, this is the one how to reference every person needs to live a healthy life in our microbial world.While giving readers a primer on the science of microbes, Dr Maczulak explains Whether or not the five Second Rule really applies when you drop food on the floor The bacterial dangers lurking in the workplace and at home, even in your laundry Surprising facts about household cleaning products What cautions we should take during food preparation What we should do about anthrax Why it may be safer to eat your sandwich in the bathroom than in the kitchen Loaded with informational sidebars and than 30 illustrations Includes 25 frequently asked questions about microbes. Free Download [ The Five-Second Rule and Other Myths About Germs ] By [ Anne E. Maczulak ] –

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  1. This was a very educational book The title comes from the popular notion that if something falls on the floor, it is safe to eat if it has been on the floor less than five seconds This is not true A lot depends on how much foot traffic there is and the cleanliness of the floor Many other aspects of the invisible toxins in our...

  2. I feel like people are totally overzealous when it comes to hand washing Do you really need to wash your hands with soap and water every time you go to the bathroom Unless you work at a restaurant or at Penn Station, I don t think so I m hoping to find out if it is indeed necessary to wa...

  3. Eh It was OK A good intro to microbiology for the layperson, and a good model for health professionals to discuss disease with those less scientifically inclined I felt a little like I was being condescended to by the tone, but that s probably because I know this stuff.

  4. Fun title, boring book Great text on microbiology, but the information stands alone, unaccompanied by humor, cleverness, or storyline Should ve just read a text book the pictures would have been better.

  5. A fun quick read on bacteria and viruses.

  6. A good basic review of microbiology for the average germophobe.

  7. Scvary, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

  8. I already knew most of this from microbiology classes, but it had a lot of good info for people who don t have a science background.