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Moosey Moose Perfect for emergent readers, Thingy Things is an intelligently conceived new book series to help young children build pre reading skills using simple sounds paired with easy word repetitions Full color. Read Moosey Moose By Chris Raschka –

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  1. wow i don t quite know what to say there is something so appealing about this book, but also borderline terrifying if you have ever seen a moose destroy a car that got in its way, you can understand why a moose who can t find his pants and is tantruming about it could be so, so scary if this...

  2. from the LibraryMOOSEY MOOSE is a small little book that is written at the Kindergarten reading level It has a simple sentence on every other page, and contains just 34 words It s part of themed series with other books titled, LAMBY LAMB, SNAILY SNAIL.Sample text from three pages Moosey Moose is mad.Yes, Moosey Moose is mad Why Why is Moosey Moose mad The artwork in MOOSEY MOOSE is abstract, but fun I was actually put off by the mustardy page color which makes the contrast with the black, from the LibraryMOOSEY MOOSE is a small ...

  3. Much funnier than some of the others in the series Perfect visuals of a tantrum Plus, it s just fun to say Moosey Moose.

  4. It seemedlike a bull than a moose, perhaps it was all of the red for the illustrations Quick, fun read and an opportunity to talk about better ways to handle a tantrum.

  5. This one is funny without being incomprehensibly off the wall, and everyone in our family looooves saying, moosey moose Erin S.http search S1

  6. This is a really good book for children probably in kindergarten of first grade This whole series is one to have Phonics skills are taught throughout and beginning reader s can usually decode such books.

  7. This book is great These illustrations are ones the children can feel like they can do for themselves I love how he makes his illustrations through the simplicity and really brings a new element to his books.

  8. Moosey Moose is mad because he wants his long pants, not his short pants So cute, very simple fun illustration paired with simple text , great for sharing with the toddler crowd Love this series of books, they crack me up

  9. Moosey Moose rocks Another awesome Thingy Things book.

  10. Moosey Moose wants his pants His long pants, not his short pants A nicely accessible text for early readers on a topic that many kids can relate to.