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Treasure Hunt Mazes Tremendous treasure can be yours if you can overcome the obstacles laid by the late, great Baron Von Maze Many centuries ago, the Baron hid a wealth of valuables in his castle and protected it with traps and barriers Knowing that someday a worthy individual would come along to claim the treasure, he recorded his secrets in a journal Finding this important document is the first step on your treasure hunt Once you find it, your adventure continues with 26 other formidable mazes, all in spectacular full color Weapons, boulders, vicious alligators, rats, deadly trapdoors, and broken floors are just some of the things you ll need to get past to succeed Illustrated with intricate detail, these carefully constructed mazes, many of which require the solution of additional puzzles or clues, will challenge even veteran adventurers For those who want to be sure to claim the treasure, solutions are included. Download Treasure Hunt Mazes author Roger Moreau –

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