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Sonnets The Sonnet is one of the distinguishing cultural markers of western civilization Throughout our literary past, the sonnet has been used by our greatest poets from Petrarch and Shakespeare to Borges and Auden Now, in the twenty first century, after a period of general dismissal in the latter decades of the twentieth century, the sonnet is in the midst of an extraordinary revival and has once again returned to the center of the literary landscape Sonnets 150 Contemporary Sonnets is a unique collection which showcases the dazzling craft, power, variety, and beauty of the sonnet s recent resurgence by presenting the work of a wide range of authors, including many of our most revered living poets. New Read [ Sonnets ] By [ William Baer ] For Kindle ePUB or eBook –

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  1. Excellent contemporary collection of sonnets.

  2. This is what people who don t have a real book yet get happy about A sonnet in an anthology Ah well.