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Mutiny of the Heart Heather has no reason to like Lucas Reed.Lucas Reed deserted Deborah, Heather Hawthorne s unwed cousin, when Deborah become pregnant with his child He is an American whose fight for liberty from England ruined her family s wealth and led to her father s death But Deborah s dying wish is that Heather take little Jamie to his father in Charleston.Ever since his one true love, Deborah, mysteriously disappeared, Lucas has avoided romantic entanglements But that was before Heather appeared with Jamie and a letter from Deborah revealing that Lucas s pirate brother, Marcus, had kidnapped her and fathered Jamie Acceding to Deborah s desire to protect Jaime from being maligned as a pirate s child, Lucas claims him as his son.As they work together to build a new life for Jamie, can Heather and Lucas resist their growing attraction, or will mutinous hearts finally admit their love when an enemy s desperate plot threatens their very lives New Read Kindle ePUB Mutiny of the Heart by Vickie McDonough –

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  1. Nobody could be any surprised than Lucas when a shy and unknown spinster arrives on his doorstep in America Toting a young male, she informs Mr Reed that she has brought his son to meet him and the mother is deceased Lucas is ready to deny the boy until he reads a secret letter from Deborah, the mother Then he understands the circumstances and his current Christian beliefs and character take on the responsibility of raising young Jamie It is time for He...

  2. Good Christian novelHas good story line keeps u wanting to see what happens next could not put in down until I finished loved this book